Guest Post by John Howell: Joining the RRBC

I have been in the “spotlight” and it is fabulous! I have to say the light was pretty warm this summer when I was in the spotlight but I basked in its warmth and the fellowship of an amazing group. I am excited that John has been chosen as this week’s Spotlight Author.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Most of you will probably recognize John Howell from his book, My GRL. John is currently the Rave Reviews’ Spotlight Author. He is here today to discuss the benefits Indie authors can get from joining the Rave Reviews Book Club.

Take it, John! 🙂

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Photo by Tim Burdick

This is the fourth stop on what has been a fantastic tour as a Rave Reviews’ Spotlight Author. If you would like to be chosen for this honor you need to be a member. To find out how go to the website and read all about it. You can also see all my tour stops listed under Spotlight Authors.

Today’s tour stop will cover the benefits that you as an Indie Author can realize should you want to join over Five-Hundred other authors who have a similar outlook on writing life as you. We all know how downright lonely this writing task can be…

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5 responses to “Guest Post by John Howell: Joining the RRBC

  1. Kathryn, Thank you for the re-blog of Nicholas’ post and the kind words.

  2. Thanks for visiting and reblogging! 🙂

  3. PS. Love the Christmas cover! 😀

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