Aoife Sheridan’s “Hunters” Blog Tour!

I will definitely be reading this book.

Blog of Author Danica Cornell

Hello everyone!  It’s my pleasure to host Author, Aoife Sheridan today as part of her Hunters Blog Tour!  Please help me extend a warm welcome to Aoife as she shares an excerpt from Chapter One of her latest release with all of us…


Hunters – Taken from Chapter One – The Possession (Abigail)

3D-Book-Template for hunters  (1)


“Where is she?” I asked as I laid out my roll of equipment on a hall table; it was the only piece of furniture in the hall so it had to do.

Taking a cross out of my pack, I poured holy water over it, splashing some on the hall table and the carpet. A small price to pay for us saving his daughter’s soul. Rolling the rest back up, I placed it back into my jacket and tucked the bible under my arm.

“This way,” the man said looking ready to bolt but thought…

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