Blog Tour: RRBC’s own… Harmony Kent

Harmony is so inspiring. I would love to read her memoir when she decides the time is right to put her story into words.

L. A. Starkey Author

I’m more than happy to welcome a new friend and fellow member of Rave Reviews Book Club to my blog today in honor of her being in the bright spotlight and on her blog tour. Harmony – thanks for coming by!!

Harmony Kent

Hi there! This is the eleventh day of my RRBC Spotlight blog tour. You can find details of all my stops here.

There have been times in my life when I have felt utterly bereft. Utterly alone. Interestingly enough, the time of my life-changing injury was not one of those times. I felt scared, yes, but never alone.

The root of the word alone is ‘All One’. I find that fascinating. As it is that very realisation—that we are never truly alone—that has helped me to keep going through all the trials and tribulations of life. The realisation that we are ‘All One’ has some profound and far-reaching…

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