Guest Post: “Spotlight” Author, Harmony Kent

You never know what can come of despair. Harmony Kent found it and is not looking back. Great writing.

Beth Mikell

As RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB PROFILES, PROMOTES & PROPELS Indie Authors, I’m hosting Author, Harmony Kent today. Join me in welcoming her as she travels on her Blog Tour…

Hi there! This is the tenth day of my RRBC Spotlight blog tour. You can find details of all my stops here.

Whew! What a whirlwind this tour has been . . . great fun!

I feel truly blessed to have had the life I’ve had. It hasn’t always been easy, and at times I have embraced the dark arms of despair. Funny really, because all the time all I had to do was look up. Things were never as completely black as I thought they were.

I made it, though. And, I am a stronger person for all of those myriad experiences. I couldn’t be the writer I am today without them. Without having gone through the mire and come out the…

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2 responses to “Guest Post: “Spotlight” Author, Harmony Kent

  1. harmonykentonline

    Thanks for this awesome reblog, Kathryn! 🙂 x

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