Spotlight Blog Tour: The Traveller by Garrett Addison

The more I read on Garrett’s “Spotlight” Author blog posts, the more I want to read The Traveller.

Archer's Aim

Today I welcome Garrett Addison, author of The Traveller, as host to the Rave Review Book Club Spotlight Blog Tour. Garrett has received great support in the spotlight so check out the club and see what they can do for you and tell them I sent you. With that note, take it away, Garrett!

A main character to love hate.

As an Indie author I figure there’s almost an expectation that I’ll be brave enough to try something different in my writing.  Perhaps I’ve got it wrong, sure, but I’m inclined to think that you’re way more likely to discover something different with the works of Indie authors than those of traditionally published authors.  That said, regardless of whether the writing is ‘different’, it still needs to ‘work’.

Book CoverExpectations aside, I really wanted to try something when I wrote ‘The Traveller’.  It occurred to me that the exploits of my…

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