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The boys are having a birthday!

My own book, Allergic to Life, just celebrated it one-year anniversary. Shadow of the Drill by Rhani D’Chae is definitely an edge-of-your-seat type of book. I highly recommend it.

Rhani DChae

   Thank you for stopping by my blog on the 1 year anniversary of the Kindle release of Shadow of the Drill.

   Shadow started with a name that was intended for a character in a book that was never finished. So instead of going where it was intended, the name sparked an idea, and that idea became one heck of a story. 

   It tells of Decker, whose life was drastically altered by a random act of violence that tore his world apart and changed him from an unproven young street tough into a man on a mission of revenge.

    Shadow was never intended for young or easily offended readers. It was written for those who enjoy an “edge of your seat” thriller, and is set in a world that most people will never know. However, there’s more to the story than a muscle-for-hire enforcer who tears…

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A Halloween Treat From Me To You… A Peak Into My Upcoming Novel “The Vampyre Blogs”

I am looking forward to reading the Vampyre Blogs.

Musings Of Two Creative Minds

Happy Halloween

*HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!  I decided to give you all a treat by sharing a snippet from my upcoming novel “The Vampyre Blogs”, which will be coming out this Christmas. 

 I was careful to choose this particular entry since it involves all three of my main characters dealing with a the scene is one most of us can relate to.  Here we have Marisa a seventeen year old young lady being comforted my vampyre Nathaniel and his goddaughter Lisa.  Marisa (who has no idea what Nathaniel really is) has an intense dislike for vampires even though they don’t really exist according to her.  She hates movies, books and television shows about them because in her mind they have come to embody cancer (which her father is struggling against) in a human form.  

The scene takes place inside an old four story building Nathaniel owns.  He keeps a dance club downstairs…

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Spotlight Blog Tour: The Traveller by Garrett Addison

The more I read on Garrett’s “Spotlight” Author blog posts, the more I want to read The Traveller.

Archer's Aim

Today I welcome Garrett Addison, author of The Traveller, as host to the Rave Review Book Club Spotlight Blog Tour. Garrett has received great support in the spotlight so check out the club and see what they can do for you and tell them I sent you. With that note, take it away, Garrett!

A main character to love hate.

As an Indie author I figure there’s almost an expectation that I’ll be brave enough to try something different in my writing.  Perhaps I’ve got it wrong, sure, but I’m inclined to think that you’re way more likely to discover something different with the works of Indie authors than those of traditionally published authors.  That said, regardless of whether the writing is ‘different’, it still needs to ‘work’.

Book CoverExpectations aside, I really wanted to try something when I wrote ‘The Traveller’.  It occurred to me that the exploits of my…

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Welcome “SPOTLIGHT” Author…

Enjoy Garrett Addison’s “spotlight” author guest post with Marlena.

Life As I Know It

Good morning, bloggers!!

You all know how much I enjoy supporting fellow authors, especially when they belong to Rave Reviews Book Club. Well, allow me to present Garrett Addison – author, friend, supportive RRBC member. Please help me welcome him today on my blog.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!!  🙂

Author Photo

No, I’m not a misogynist, but thank you for your email.

I love connecting with my readers, and on that front I’m assuming I’m no different from probably every other author.  I remember my first email from an ‘adoring’ reader fan, who inspired me to keep writing just because she’d enjoyed my work enough to go out of her way to ‘tell’ me.

Then came the hate mail.  Not a lot, but one was enough to make me see that sometimes writing, my writing at least, could hit a nerve.  The problem, it seemed, was that on reader thought…

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A Day in the Life of a Rave Reviews Book Club member is awesome! Have you joined us yet.


Book Club Badge Suggestion copy (1)

A Day in the Life of a Rave Reviews Book Club Member!

It generally starts out like most ordinary days and then something special happens. I woke up this morning, rubbed the sleep out of my blurry eyes, and got something to eat before starting my day. I had on my PJs and nightcap looking a fright. I decided to get on the computer to check my bank account before paying some small bills.
Lo and Behold! There was some activity from Amazon with what looked like deposits. I rubbed my eyes again to decipher what I was looking at. It takes awhile to get focused so early in the morning. There were three deposits from UK, US, and Canada. International Activity! How about that? I go to sleep and then wake up to find cash in my bank account.
I owe it all to Rave Reviews Book Club. I’ve…

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My Rave Reviews Book Club Experience

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Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
You may remember how a few weeks ago I wrote a post about my stint as Spotlight Author of the week by the Rave Reviews Book Club.  With the month of May now over, how…

RRBC Blog Recruiting Day

So very happy that Marlena is Rave Reviews Book Club’s secretary. Have you joined us yet?