Remembering 911


I still remember where I was and what I was doing on this horrific day 13 years ago. I was already sick and trying to work at a new job.

I had just left the shower and was in the process of getting dressed to head for work. The radio was on in the bedroom. As I went about the task of dressing and doing my hair the radio jockeys were talking about a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers in New York. I continued doing my preparations thinking it was some sort of joke between the two.  The more they talked, the more I began to take it seriously. Immediately I called out to my husband and asked him to turn on the television in the living room. Before I knew it, a second plane had hit the towers.

It was no longer a joke, no longer an accident, but something far more frightening. I stared at the television in disbelief and horror. I began calling family and friends. As the news cast went on they began talking about the fear of other spots being targeted, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. My younger daughter lived in San Francisco while she was attending college. I immediately began trying to phone  her cell phone and she did not answer.

All morning long at work I continued to phone my daughter but the circuits were busy.  I panicked as I thought of my daughter so far away in San Francisco.  Finally some time in the afternoon I was able to get through.

So, today I am remembering what I was doing on that fateful day. I am saddened by the lives that were taken away and the hole it has left in the hearts  and lives of their friends and families. I am saddened for the first responders who lost their lives rushing in to save their fellow-man. I am saddened by all those first responders who will forever be ill from all that they were exposed to in the days and weeks after searching through the rubble.

America and the world will not forget this day.



5 responses to “Remembering 911

  1. I was on hall duty when a student told me about the first plane. I thought it must be a little prop plane. It was tough as a teacher to ease the fears of some many of my students. I told my kids the only thing we could do to help was to do the opposite of what the terrorists were trying to achieve. They wanted us to hide in fear. We talked if we needed to but mostly I had my kids carry out their normal lab activities. They seemed much relieved by this.

  2. I meant to add this video but time was short this morning as my internet was supposed to be shut down during a switch.

  3. Nice tribute! I still remember where I was too and I will never forget that day. Sadly, it seems some have.

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