Rave Reviews Spotlight Author Traci Sanders

Congratulations Tracy! As a former Spotlight Author, I know how exciting the time is.

Jennie Sherwin


As the first Spotlight Author of the Rave Reviews Book Club, I warmly welcome the authors who enjoy their time in the spotlight. Today it is my pleasure to host Traci Sanders, an award-winning teacher and child advocate, who is also an accomplished author. You can visit with Traci on the Rave Reviews Book Club website. If you haven’t yet become a member of the club, which is open to both authors and readers, stop by to join and say Traci sent you. Here is Traci in her own words.

Traci Sanders

I doubt she even realizes it, but my mother has always been a huge inspiration for my writing. As a young girl, I watched her play the piano and write songs for church. Sometimes I would find her journal and read some of her songs and become inspired to write my own. I would also write poetry and…

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One response to “Rave Reviews Spotlight Author Traci Sanders

  1. Congratulations on being the Spotlight Author, Traci. Thanks for hosting, Kathryn.

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