I am so happy to be on the page! Thank you Nonnie for a wonderful and honest review.

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Even Benjamin Franklin felt the same way I do!

You know, I’ve been living my life by this credo for a great number of years and although sometimes it doesn’t work to the benefit of others, as they find themselves on the “other” end of this pole (you know, the DIS-honest end)…I believe that being honest always puts you on top in the end.

When I found myself immersed in the world of publishing and books and reviews, etc…I never knew that I could be so surrounded by so much DIS-HONESTY, especially when it came to book reviews.  After having spent a fortune on books based on the reviews I’d read on Amazon, I found that they were for the most part, trumped up, outrageous un-truths, probably written by the author’s family and friends.  Was this upsetting?  Yes, but not as much as it was dis-heartening.  You see, I believe…

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