More Grammar Tips for Indie Authors: Common Pitfalls

Great information that every writer could use. Thank you for sharing Jennie.

Jennie Sherwin


As my contribution to the Rave Reviews Book Club’s mentoring program, I am posting short grammar lessons from time to time. In today’s post, I focus on its and it’s and who and whom, little words that can cause difficulties for the unwary writer.


Its and it’s.

Do you know the difference between “its” and “it’s”? Can you decide which to use when you are writing? Let’s check. Consider the sentence below:

When confronted with the rock in (itsor it’s?) path, the snail suddenly stopped.

Which was your choice? “Its” or “it’s”?If you chose “its,” you correctly chose the possessive pronoun “its.” Other examples include: The dog licked its paw. The cub found its mother.

If you chose “it’s,” you fell into the common pitfall of mistaking a contraction for a possessive pronoun. “It’s” is the contracted form of “it is” (pronoun plus verb of being). This contraction…

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