A Common Sense Approach to Overcoming a Medical Crisis

This was originally posted on my blog Allergic to Life which focuses on environmental and other chronic health issues. I want to share Shirley’s blog post here because of her wonderful writing talent and to let you all know she is working on another book. Can’t wait for it Shirley.


I met Shirley last fall just as Allergic to Life was published.  She contacted me because she also had experienced several horrible health issues.  We connected immediately and it was wonderful to find someone who understood what it was like to have multiple health issues and sensitivities to medications.  We have both since become board members of Rave Reviews Book Club and strengthened our friendship.  

During our conversations Shirley talked about a book she had just published preserving a piece of history among a small catholic community (she is an amazing historian).  She also told me that she one day also wanted to write a book about her own medical issues.

I am pleased today to share Shirley with all of you and an excerpt from her upcoming book.

shirley slaughter

Shirley Harris-Slaughter
Author and RRBC Member

Kathryn, thank you so much for inviting me on a tour of your website…

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