Greatness in the Midst of Criticism

My dear friend, Jerri Duncan Hansen (Fences, Fences:  The Journey Continues, and My Life on the other side of the Tracks) posted this on her Facebook Page today.  Maybe you haven’t been challenged yet as you begin to achieve your dreams and gain success.  I think what she had to say is a good thing to remember should the challenge happen to you.

Greatness in the midst of criticism begins with forgiveness.
How difficult is this one to swallow? Whenever you are
about to achieve your greatness you fall into criticism.
It does not matter who you are once you step out on the leap of faith
to achieve your greatest potential others come at you. Criticizing,
jealous of what they feel you are about to obtain.

It would be wonderful to know that family, friends and coworkers would
be in your AMEN corner rooting you on in your success but that my friends does not happen often.

Many will become envious and jealous that you may be moving onto greatness.
They will try to belittle you and criticize you in every turn. As you grow and increase in GOD’s favor you will come up against those who will do everything to make you fail.

Keep your FOCUS on what God has put in your heart to achieve. We are all made for greatness. Do not lose focus to please others it only hurts you and places you a few more steps away from achieving your greatest potential. Your destiny is too great to become distracted by people who will never validate you or affirm you. Do not take it personally, it’s not about you, it’s about them and it’s their problem. Shake it off and run your race to greatness.

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who spitefully use you. Keep doing what is right and God will continue to shower you with his many blessings and he will help you achieve the dreams that are within your heart and ensure you obtain your goal. Ask and you shall receive. You may not have any idea what you are here to do, but BELIEVE me once God places something in your heart it becomes a passion. That passion is what you are supposed to be doing. Mine is writing and being a life coach.

I am on a mission from GOD.


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