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I first met Janice G. Ross when we both became members of the Rave Reviews Book Club Board.  I have been impressed with her willingness to help fellow authors and fellow club members no matter what the social media question.  Until two days ago, I had not had the opportunity to read any of her works.  I had picked up a copy of her book, Loving Nate, recently.  In need of a new book to read I scrolled through my list of downloaded books and the cover and title called out to me.  I am nearly finished with the book and am looking forward to reading her other works.  Loving Nate is well written, flows smoothly, and has kept me wanting to read more.  

It is my pleasure to host Janice on her Spotlight Author blog tour through Rave Reviews Book Club.  Sit back and read an excerpt from her book, Island Hopping, and learn a little more about the author through her bio.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the book as well.

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Island Hopping: Trinidad & Tobago

Book Description

On the surface, the Island Hopping series is a remarkable journey of Sakkara Riley’s quest to locate her parents. What she learns is so much more than was ever expected. In Island Hopping: Trinidad & Tobago, Sakkara enlists the help of a local elderly historian, Natalia Day and her doting grandson, Anthony Lam. Equipped with her parcel of artifacts and a determined bravado, Sakkara uncovers more than she ever thought possible.



Over the next several weeks, or even months, the Caribbean would be hers to explore. The first stop being Trinidad and Tobago; followed by Grenada, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Antigua and Guyana. Sakkara’s discovery parcel included artifacts that set the path for what she needed to accomplish.

Every other traveller, every airport worker and every other guest made her wonder whether or not they were somehow linked to the Trinidadian articles. Beaded purses – skillfully designed by a mysterious French woman by the name of Yvonne Marseille, mistress to Jerome Legrand, and a not so impressive, worn out bracelet of local coins were being reunited with the land. Though this stop was only the beginning, Sakkara considered the range of possibilities and tales that would feed her hunger for ancestral knowledge. She believed that even if her family was not found immediately, a significant amount of knowledge would be unveiled.

At each footing, Sakkara spun from left to right. Her steps were gracefully taken, as she rocked on the balls of pale yellow sandals, nerves causing her toes to tense up. She stood out as a newcomer, in matching shorts and tank, as her ponytail swung to and fro, gently tapping the middle region of her back. Her colorful pupils appeared twice as wide, she was fit and eager to learn the secrets of this earth and its inhabitants. Her mind even toyed with her from time to time, marking some form or another of similarities amongst any and everyone. In the Indian couple to her right, the woman being of equal height with Sakkara, she tuned into the slender curves. Even the manner in which she float through the terminal; then on second thought, Sakkara decided that it might be best to look away once her lips inadvertently curved. And when she did so, only to see another mirrored image. After a few rushed steps, she nearly crashed into an elderly woman with a cane. She smiled, looking into Sakkara’s eyes and nodding her head. Concern and interest sparked from blue pupils as the woman uttered incoherent words.

“Excuse me ma’am?” Sakkara paused to lean in.

“Fuss time here?”

“Yes, my first visit.”

“Welcome to my country.”

Sakkara thanked her, smiling from the brief encounter, as she maneuvered through the lengthy immigration lines.

* * * * *

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXYR2j7i2Ds


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Janice Ross was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she’s travelled in her mind and dreams.

Janice is an author. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences. Janice’s debut release was entitled Damaged Girls. She uses the three books in that series to detail the effects of different forms of abuse, discussing issues that are known to be taboo. Her next release, Jumping Ship, is a dedication to her country of birth and an introductory novella to the Island Hopping Series – due out in 2014. It’s poised to be a colorful and emotional experience of life, love and family. As of present, she is also a contributor to a short story collection – Just Between Us, Inspiring Stories by Women. And lastly, Loving Nate is a novella about the realities of losing one’s self to love.

Janice enjoys reading. And is drawn to stories with distinct characters that she can love or hate, characters she can form alliances with or characters that she can swear off and despise. She is also weak for a good cultural tale, preferably in the form of historical fiction. Janice loves to be taken off guard by clever language and settings.

Janice is also a devout supporter and promoter of other authors through social media. She hosts a weekly show, Cultural Cocktails, on the largest social radio network, Blog Talk Radio.


You can connect with Janice on

Website: www.culturalcocktails.com

Talk show: www.blogtalkradio.com/culturalcocktails

Blog http://jgrwriter.wordpress.com &



Twitter https://twitter.com/JGRWriter

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Cultural.Cocktails





LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/pub/janice-ross/58/691/894/


7 responses to “Welcome Spotlight Author Janice G. Ross

  1. Hi, Janice. Enjoyed the excerpt and sure look forward to reading more from you. Keep shining! Kathryn, thanks for hosting our wonderful RaveReviewsBookClub author and board member on your blog. CHEERS to both of you! 🙂 Bette

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying Janice’s Spotlight Tour and could not be happier for her!! Thank you, Kathryn, for hosting her!!

  3. I am as well Marlena. It is my pleasure to support Janice and share her here.

  4. Enjoyable excerpt. Thanks, Janice.

  5. Congratulations Janice! Thanks Kathryn for hosting!

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