You need to be true to who?

We are constantly being reminded about branding ourselves as writers and authors.  We are told that without branding our writing style, our genre, or our philosophy, we can’t connect with those who are going to buy and read our books.  We are told to begin building our author brand and author platform long before our book is finished.  We are told to socialize through the various media venues (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others) in an effort to reinforce our brand.

Through Createspace I learned that we need to define our core value, infuse our brand into our work, carry our brand through marketing materials, and to be consistent.

We have to be careful when we are considering our brand.  We need to make sure that we are being true to who we are as well.

I read a post on Jen’s Thoughts by JenOwenby.  She had just read an article in the January issue of Writer’s Digest entitled “Branding Like a Master”.  One piece of advice she shared with us from that article was:  “Be yourself on the page and off. Embrace that persona, and be consistent. If you’re funny in your prose, use humor in your blog posts, social media updates, presentations, readings-everywhere you’re presenting your public image.” She closed the post with: So, be true to yourself and who you are in your writing and all that you do.

Author Nonnie Jules recently talked about “Building Your Brand As An Author” in her “Just my 2 Cents” Blog Tour hosted by Shirley Harris Slaughter. “In establishing your author brand, you have to be consistent across the board, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, and no matter who you’re talking to.”

It isn’t always easy to brand ourselves.  What is your brand and was it difficult figuring it out?  What advice can you give to someone starting out on branding?


2 responses to “You need to be true to who?

  1. Branding is definitely a problem for me. If you asked me for photography — easy – its nature. But in writing I can’t even pin down a genre: spiritual, dark fiction, picture books, YA fantasy… I may just have to get on in life with being a maverick. 😀

  2. There have been many mavericks who have done big things.

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