Read My Book for Free this Friday and Saturday

Confessions of a Lipreading Mom free through Saturday. I picked up my copy.

Lipreading Mom

Confessions Cover 3D

Friends, if you’ve wanted to read my book, Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, I have a surprise for you. This Friday and Saturday only, the book will be available *for free download* on Amazon Kindle.

Click here to access Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom on Amazon Kindle. Remember, it’s free only on March 28-29.

In this book, I explore the roller coaster ride of progressive hearing loss, which was diagnosed two months after the birth of my first child. I was 27. Three healthy kids later, my hearing loss accelerated. Sounds once taken for granted – the doorbell, smoke alarms, baby cries – became quiet. In the midst of imminent and unexplained deafness, the book describes my struggle and eventual discovery of God’s grace.

I hope you enjoy the book! Please leave a review on Amazon once you’ve read it.

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