The GIMME MORE! Blog Series: My Secrets to Creating Compelling Science Fiction & Fantasy

My book is non-fiction. I would love to try writing fiction and am beginning to learn about character development, scene development, and plots through amazing blog posts like this one from Danica.

Blog of Author Danica Cornell

Written by Danica Cornell

If you were to venture a guess, what would you list as the number one aspiration of today’s fiction writers?   Might it be to make a living doing what we love?  To be famous?  To work less than 50 hours a week?  Actually, for myself, anything less than 60 hours would be a step in the right direction—but I digress.

Digging a little deeper, I’d be willing to bet for the majority of us in the writing/publishing biz, our deepest longing is to gain a loyal following of readers—but not just any readers.  What we really want are readers who HUNGER for our work.  We want them banging down the doors demanding , “When’s your next book coming out?!” Naturally, the question then becomes, how do we achieve this–what’s the magic stuff that makes readers crave our work?

For most of us, the bottom line is this:  We…

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5 responses to “The GIMME MORE! Blog Series: My Secrets to Creating Compelling Science Fiction & Fantasy

  1. Hi Kathryn. Thank you for reblogging this post…and for your kind words! I’m delighted to learn this post provided you with some helpful information. My very best wishes to you on your new writing endeavors!! xoxo 🙂

  2. Danica Cornell is a great writer. I enjoy reading her! Coincidentally, she has helped me further my blogging career, and i would suggest any fiction fan take a look at her work. Thank you Danica and best of luck on your future projects. Sincedely, Shawn Man Landers…

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