Building the World of Titania by Fantasy Author, Leisl Kaberry

I loved hearing how the story developed and watching the characters being put together.

Blog of Author Danica Cornell

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce my friend, the talented Leisl Kaberry, author of the epic fantasy, Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny.

Written by Leisl Kaberry

Building the world of Titania did not happen over night. It was not something I planned out and created well before starting to write the story (as is probably the way it should be). Nope, it was more of an evolving world that grew and changed as the story progressed.

It started out as an image on my desktop of a large green moon reflecting off water surrounding a small beach, which inspired the first scene I wrote (originally the first chapter but that has since changed). By the time I was halfway through that chapter, I had the whole trilogy mapped out in my head and Titania was formed.



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