My Writing Process Blog Tour

I want to thank Charles for inviting me to participate.

Charles Ray's Ramblings

I want to thank my Red Room friend Vicki Nikolaidis for inviting me to join My Writing Process Blog Tour. A native of Iowa, Vicki now lives and writes in Crete. You can catch her blogs at

My Writing Process

  1. 1.      What am I working on? I’m finishing up volume seven in my historical fiction/western series about the U.S. Army Ninth Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, and getting into the next in my Al Pennyback mystery series (about dastardly deeds in the fashion industry). I’m also preparing a syllabus and lecture notes for a workshop on professional writing that I’ll run for undergraduate students in the Rangel Fellowship program at Howard University this summer, along with my blogs and some copywriting work.
  2. 2.      How does my work differ from others of its genre?  I write in several genres. I guess, though, the main difference in my work is that…

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