How To Lose A Reader In 10 Pages

Nicholas C. Rossis

Chloe Leigh Corin posted today an excellent article comparing reading a novel to starting a relationship. She then shares six great writing tips that also apply to dating:
  1. Explicit Intro: On average, talking about sex when first meeting someone isn’t a good idea—definitely off-putting. Opening a novel with an explicit sex scene is a big no-no as well. Now, with Erotica, the rules may be different but I imagine the reader isn’t thrown into a steamy bedroom scene in the first line.
  2. Showing Off: Ok, raise your hands if you like dating a show-off.  Unless you’re writing for writers or masters of the English language, the reader just wants a good story. To be entertained. Why use a twenty-dollar word when a five-dollar one will work?
  3. TMI (too much information):  Sharing all your business on the first date is an easy way to lose the interest of a potential…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog, glad you enjoyed it! The original article, the one I summarized in my own post, can be found on

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