Are you a writer?

I just read a post today on  the blog A Writer’s Journey .  The title is entitled, “Are you a writer?”

I had to stop and think about the question that was posed to the followers.  I have written my book, Allergic to Life, and published it.  I have sold a decent amount of copies since its publication date in late August.  I have even received some wonderful 5-Star reviews.

Yet, here as I sit and write this blog post I am uncertain.  Why am I so uncertain?  Why is it easy to say I am the author of Allergic to Life yet not so easy to say I am a writer.  This book was about my life, my struggles with constant illness and depression, and fighting for the courage to survive and to dare hope that life would someday be better.

The writer said in her blog post:   I don’t write because it’s a job, or because I have to, or because I’m paid to ( I wouldn’t mind), but no it’s almost like I have no choice, my fingers tap over the keys, and I guess it’s like creating music I see what words I can put together to make a beautiful song. Is this me?  I am not sure.  I think I need to give myself time to allow for the purging of all the emotions I went through as I wrote my story.  Only then can I determine if I have another story in me.  I love the idea of sitting at my computer and tapping out the words that will bring emotion to the reader.  I love the creative part of writing and I even have learned to enjoy marketing which was something I was so afraid of six months ago.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you call yourself a writer or an author.  Do you feel that you don’t have a choice over whether or not you write because your mind and fingers take on a life of their own.  Is writing something you think about constantly despite all the other things going on in your life? Please take a moment to comment and share your thoughts with me.



2 responses to “Are you a writer?

  1. YES, KATHRYN… You are a writer and a good one! 🙂

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