Rave Reviews Book Club – Are you a member yet?

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I was honored to be invited to become a member of Rave Reviews Book Club in December of last year by Nonnie Jules (The Good Mommies Guide and Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend).  Nonnie had a vision of a book review club for authors and readers.  By the first weekend in January we had our governing board  selected and I took on the role of Membership Director.

In less than two months the club has grown to nearly 200 members.   Rave Reviews Book is a club like no other.    Some of the many perks of being a member are being featured as the Current Readbeing featured as our Spotlight Authoras well as Incentives for the reviewer with the most reviews.  I have featured all four of the Spotlight Authors on this blog.

Coming soon to our club is our Mentor Program to help up and coming authors.  We will soon be sponsoring our first Writing Contest.  Rave Reviews Book Club seeks to ProfilePromote, and Propel our authors.  To do so, we need to continue to grow.  Growth provides more opportunities as authors to have your work seen and growth provides our readers with a growing selection of books to choose from.

Today, as part of recruitment day at Rave Reviews Book Club, we are collectively reaching out to our social media contacts and our friends.  We are inviting them to become members of this amazing and rapidly growing club.  

I am inviting you to visit our website’s FAQ page to familiarize yourself with our policies.  Please click the “JOIN HERE” tab once you decide to become a member of our amazing group.  Don’t forget to sign up to follow and continue to get the latest information about our club through comments and our Newsletter.  Please mention that Kathryn sent you when you join.


2 responses to “Rave Reviews Book Club – Are you a member yet?

  1. katinavaselopulos

    Congratulations Kathryn!
    Wishihg you all the best in this new position as well as with your writing! I will forward and share your post. Taking a little time being involved because of issues that I need to deel with.

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