Rave Reviews Book Club’s 3rd “SPOTLIGHT” Author, MARGO BOND COLLINS Stops By!

I am excited to share Margo Bond Collins, Rave Reviews Book Club’s current Spotlight Author.

Watch Nonnie Write!

We tend to host some of the most fabulous authors and artists here at WATCH NONNIE WRITE! and today is no different. MARGO BOND COLLINS author of the newly released “Fairy Texas”and “Waking Up Dead” (isn’t that an awesome title?) is joining us here today for an informative, enlightening and fun Q & A session. Sit back, prop up your feet and enjoy the company of the effervescent “MBC”…


When did you start writing? What has your writing life been like?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making up stories. The first story I remember actually writing down was basically fan-fiction of The Wizard of Oz. I wrote it in long-hand in a yellow legal pad. I’ve been writing ever since. But about ten years ago, a friend suggested I join in National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org). Until then, I had always written short stories…

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